Opal Home Page

Jeanette McCarthy -

After sign-in you will be directed to the Opal Home Page. You can use the Home Page to navigate to the following application modules:

Upload Genomes
Upload your genome variant file into Opal.
Organize your genomes into projects and view the reports generated by the Opal annotation engine and analytic Apps. This link will open the Projects page with a list of all your projects in the current workspace.
Panel Builder
Curate and manage gene panels.
Available in Opal Clinical only.
Clinical Reporter
Use standard clinical interpretation workflows, and generate physician-ready reports.
Available in Opal Clinical only.
Classified Variant Database
The Classified Variant Database allows all workspace users to browse the variants that have been classified or are in the scoring process in the workspace.
Available in Opal Clinical only.
Condition Gene Associations
Link genes to specific conditions, and capture information such as mode of inheritance and penetrance.
Available in Opal Clinical only.
Filtering Protocols
Define and manage filters for standardizing the analysis of genome variants.
Gene Sets
Create and manage gene lists.
Assay Types
Set up Assay Types to manage quality control metrics for clinical testing.
Available in Opal Clinical only.



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