Jeanette McCarthy -

Fabric Genomics' Opal is the leading application for genome analysis and interpretation. With Opal, researchers and clinicians can quickly annotate and accurately prioritize variants and genes involved in disease. Opal bridges the gap between sequencing / raw data management and clinical management, providing robust genome interpretation to expedite diagnosis and accelerate the understanding of the genetic basis of disease, drug response, and health.

Fabric Genomics Opal Overview

The sections of this User Guide are arranged as a linear walk through of the application, starting with uploading genome variant files, organizing projects, setting up gene sets, navigating reports, genome mining by filtering, and finally using the advanced analysis workflows of VAAST and Phevor.

Opal Clinical provides additional capabilities that support a clinical lab's NGS interpretation needs, including standardized clinical interpretation workflows, panel curation, and generation of physician-ready reports. These modules are visible to Opal Clinical users only.


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