Configuring the Clinical Report Template

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Test Methodology


The Clinical Report PDF template can be customized with your organization’s logo and contact information at the top of the report.

The organization contact information should be entered in the Workspace Info by your Workspace Admin. To update the organization contact information:

  1. Click on the current Workspace name in the navigation bar
  2. Select Manage Workspace from the dropdown menu.
  3. For the Workspace containing your Clinical Reports, select Edit Workspace Info from the dropdown menu.
  4. Update the Lab Name and Contact field.
  5. Click the Save button.

The Clinical Report PDF Template can also be customized to include your organization’s logo, as well as custom fields. To add your organization’s logo to the Clinical Report template please send a PNG version of your logo to Fabric Genomics support at The file should be 72 dpi and no larger than 200 x 65 pixels.

Please also contact to discuss your requirements around custom fields and formatting.

Test Methodology

You can include template content for the Test methodology, Test limitations and Regulatory Disclosure in your clinical report template.

For Panel Tests, this template content is managed in Panel Builder. See Creating a Panel in the Panel Builder section of the User Guide.

For the Exome and Family Tests, go to the Clinical Reporter. In the Clinical Reporter list view, click the “Manage Test Templates” button on the upper right of the window. Update the fields as needed then click “Update Templates”.

Templates can be updated at any time and will affect new clinical reports only.

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