Generating Reports in Clinical Reporter

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Review Report

Approve Report

Viewing Approved Reports

Review Report

A patient interpretation is finalized in the Review Report page. Navigate to the Review Report page from the Interpret Variants page in your report. If you are not already reviewing the desired report, go to the Home Page and click on “Clinical Reporter”. On the Clinical Reports page, click on the Actions dropdown menu of the desired report and select “Review Results”.

This will launch the variant interpretation and reporting workflow. If you have not already selected and interpreted the variants you want to include in your report, please refer to Interpreting Variants in Clinical Reporter. Otherwise, click the blue buttons to move from Select Variant to Interpret Variant to Review Report.

On the Review Report page, you can enter or update information for the following default report fields, in addition to patient information:

Review Report page


For the variants in the Primary and Secondary findings, you can change the order in which the variants are presented by dragging and dropping the variants using the black arrows to the left of the variant gene name.

The Summary field will be pre-populated with the following information for each reported variant:

  • Template text: "The patient is <genotype for the variant <HGVS> associated with the <gene symbol> gene."
  • Variant Description for Report: If text was entered when the variant was Scored
  • Gene Description: the RefSeq gene description, where available, or for panel tests the curated gene description from the panel gene.


There is an Update button below the Summary field. This Update button will replace the current Summary field information with the Variant Descriptions. This can be useful in cases where you decide to add another variant to your interpretation and want to pull in the variant description, or when you simply want to restart writing your summary.



References that were associated with reported variants during the scoring and classification process will be shown in the References section. Select the references you want to include in the report using the checkboxes.

Once you have completed the entering your interpretation and other test information, click one of these buttons:

  • Save Fields
  • Preview PDF
  • Submit for Approval

When you submit a report for approval, you will be asked to confirm that you were the Primary Reviewer for this clinical report. Once you confirm and submit the report for approval, this will be recorded in the Clinical Report History, available on the Clinical Reports page, Actions drop down menu for the report.


Approve Report

Once the interpretation report has been finalized and it has been submitted for approval, the report’s status will change to “Waiting for Approval”.

Note that custom report statuses can be defined. Please contact

The workspace role of Lab Director is required to approve reports. To approve a report, in the Clinical Reports page, select the Actions dropdown menu for the desired report. You can:

      • View Draft Report: review and edit the draft report 
      • Retract Report: withdraw the Report 
      • Approve Report: approve the current version of the report.

Approved reports are stamped with the approval date.

An example final Clinical Report is provided below.

Sample Clinical Reporter report first page


Viewing Approved Reports

Once a report as been approved, you can:

  • View Final Report (PDF) - Download and review a PDF version of the approved report. The Final Report is named by the Accession ID, if none provided by the Report ID.
  • View Interpretation - Review a read-only version of the detailed variant data, both reported and unreported variants, including internal notes
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