Managing Workspaces

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Managing Workspaces

A workspace organizes your projects and payment accounts, and simplifies sharing and collaboration.

  • Gene sets and filtering protocols are automatically shared with everyone in a workspace
  • Projects can either be shared with everyone in a workspace, or shared with specific individuals in a workspace

Your current workspace is shown in the navigation bar to the left of your login email. Click on the workspace name to access the dropdown menu. If you have access to multiple workspaces, you will see them listed in the dropdown menu. Your current workspace will have a check to the left of its name. You can change workspaces by selecting another workspace name.

You can also create a new workspace and manage your workspaces from this menu.

Workspaces List View

In the Workspaces list view, you can view workspace profile info, and access admin settings. You can also switch to a workspace, and create new workspaces.

Workspaces List View


Create New Workspace

Click “+ New Workspace” to create a new workspace. You will be prompted to enter:

  • Workspace Name
  • Admin Phone Number: Contact phone number for the organization’s Workspace Admin. This phone number will be visible to Workspace Users, and may used by the Fabric Genomics team for support purposes.
  • Description: A description of the workspace.
  • Lab Name and Contact: This information will be populated at the header of any Clinical Reports generated in Opal Clinical.

Workspace List Dropdown Menu

Using the Actions dropdown menu for any workspace in the list, you can:

  • Switch to this Workspace: Switch to the selected workspace
  • View Workspace Info: View workspace information
  • Admin Settings: Administer workspace including workspace info, users, and payment accounts

Admin Settings

Workspace Admins will use Admin Settings to:

  • Edit Info: Update workspace information
  • Manage Members: Administer workspace members and their level of access
  • Share Projects: Administer user access to projects
  • Manage Payment Accounts:  Add, delete and specify default payment accounts


Manage Members and Workspace Roles

Workspace users can be Admins or Members. A workspace can have multiple Admins.

  • Admin: Workspace administrator
  • Member: Has access to items in the workspace including projects, gene sets and filtering protocols.

The workspace creator is the initial Admin of the project, and multiple people can be designated as Admins. Users added to a workspace as Members by default.

An Additional Role designation for Lab Director is also available. Checking this box for a user will allow them to approve clinical reports within Opal Clinical.

Manage Payment Info

On this page, you can add payment accounts and select your default payment account for the current Workspace. The default payment account is identified by a star next to the label. Your account is charged when genomes are uploaded, or when clinical reports are generated, depending on your agreement.

Click “+ New Account” to enter a new credit card. If you have a Purchase Order (PO) from your institution, please contact Fabric Genomics support at to have it added to your account. A valid PO will always be the default payment account for a workspace.


New Payment Account dialog

Enter the requested information and click the Save Account button.

Using the Actions menu for any payment account, you can Edit, Delete or Make Default the selected payment account. The default payment account is identified by a star next to the Label.

Payment Accounts page


Genome Uploads

Organizations have the option of allowing any member in the workspace to upload genomes, or requiring that admins upload. By default, any workspace member can upload genomes in the workspace. To require that only admins upload genomes, uncheck the “Allow workspace members to upload genomes” checkbox in the Payment Accounts tab.


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