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Projects let you organize genome variant files and all associated reports. The Projects page contains a list of projects visible to you. You can create, edit, delete, and share projects by selecting the relevant options in the Projects page. The options available to depend on your Project Role and Workspace Role.


You can reach the Projects page from:
-  Opal Home page  >>  Projects link
-  Opal Toolbar  >>  Menu dropdown >>  Projects option


Project Listing

Project Types

There are two types of projects, Workspace Projects and Public Projects. Click on the tabs to switch between the project types:

Workspace Projects
This tab lists all projects created by workspace users and accessible to you.
Public Projects
These projects contain public genomes curated by Fabric Genomics and made available to all users. They are viewable by all workspace users regardless of their Workspace Role and Project Role.

Projects List

The Project List displays all visible projects with the newest projects at the top.

Project Name
Click on the Project Name or the folder icon to open the project and display the list of genomes and associated reports in the Genomes page.
Displays the first 100 characters of the project description.
Created By
Date Created
Date Modified
The number of uploaded genomes in the project.


You can search for a specific project in your Workspace by Project Name or by Genome Label.
New Project
Add a new project by opening the New Project dialog box.
The Actions dropdown menu for each project can contain the following options depending on your Project Role and Workspace Role:
Project Details
View the Project Description and the list of Contributors and Viewers.
Edit Project
Opens the Edit Project dialog box to update the project details and change default project sharing settings.
Share Project
Opens the Share Project dialog box to change the Project Roles individually for each user. 
Upload Genomes
Opens the Upload Genome dialog box to add new genomes to the project.
Delete Project
The Delete Project option is only displayed for empty projects. You are prompted to confirm or cancel the deletion. Once confirmed this action cannot be undone.
Remove Me
Project Viewers cannot share a project, but they can remove themselves from the project. After selecting Remove Me you are prompted to confirm or cancel the action. Once confirmed this action cannot be undone by the user, only by a Workspace Admin or Project Contributor.



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