New Project

Jeanette McCarthy -

The New Project dialog box enables you to create a new project and set the default permissions for all users.


You can reach the New Project dialog box from:
-  Projects page  >>  New Project button
-  Upload Genome dialog box  >>  New Project button


New Project Dialog

To create a new project, provide the following information:

Name (required)
Specify a unique short name for the project.
Enter a description for the content or purpose of the project.
Note: You should avoid using personally identifiable information in project names and descriptions.
Share Project ...
By default, projects are not shared with other members of the workspace. Click the checkbox to change the default sharing settings to share with all workspace members and select one of the Project Roles
as Contributor
Contributors have full permissions to the project including uploading and deleting genomes, editing project details, and sharing the project.
as Viewers
Viewers can view the project but cannot modify the project or genomes within the project. They can run and interpret Clinical Reports. This option is preselected.
Create Project
Clicking this button creates the project. The view returns to the previous page.
Cancels this form and returns to the previous page.

After you have created a project, you can go ahead and upload or move genomes into it.



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