Project Roles

Jeanette McCarthy -

There are two Project Roles: Contributor and Viewer. The project creator is the initial Contributor to the project. A project can have multiple Contributors and/or Viewers, but requires at least one user to be designated as Contributor.

The table below outlines the capabilities of each role.


Project RoleCapability
Contributor Edit Projects
Delete Project
Share Projects
Upload Genomes
Rename Genomes
Move Genomes
Delete Genomes
Launch Apps
And all Viewer Capabilities
Viewer View Reports
Perform Variant Mining
Remove self from project

By default a new project is not shared with other workspace users. You can change the default behavior for a project in the New Project dialog box when creating the project or in the Edit Project dialog box. If the default role for a project is set to Contributor or Viewer new users added to a workspace are automatically given access to the project with the default role.

The Project Role for individual users can be changed in the Share Project dialog box.

Workspace Admins can view and modify all projects in the workspace regardless of their Project Role. Workspace Admins can change Project Roles for all users and projects from the Workspace Settings page.



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