Genome Info

Jeanette McCarthy -

The Genome Info display shows the meta-data associated with the imported VCF file.


You can reach the Genome Info display from:
-  Projects page  >>  Folder Icon/Project Name >>  Genomes page  >>  Genome Label



The user defined Genome Label for this genomes (see Upload Genomes) followed by an ID, a unique identifier in the Opal database.
External ID
The user provided External ID (see Upload Genomes).
Clinical Grade
The quality of the genome variant file indicated by the signal-strength icon. See Clinical Grade for more details.
Uploaded By
Click on the hyperlink to email the user who uploaded the genome.
Upload Filename
File Size
Size of the uploaded vcf file.
Assembly Version
The sex of the sample specified at genome upload as Female, Male or Unspecified.
Sex Prediction
Depending on what was specified as the expected sex of the sample at the time the genome was uploaded, and whether a normal number of variants were detected on the Y chromosome, one of the following four sex predictions will be displayed:
  • Not likely to be male
  • Likely to be male
  • Verified to be male
  • Likely to be female.
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