Opal Toolbar

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The Opal Toolbar is the navigation bar that appears at the top of each page of the Opal application. The navigation bar includes the following links: 

Opal™ is a hyperlink to the Opal Home Page.
This dropdown menu allows you to quickly change to any Opal module from any page.
Note that the available options depend on your Workspace setup.


Upload your genome variant file into Opal.

Clinical Reporter

Takes you directly to the Clinical Reporter to launch standard clinical interpretation workflows, generate physician-ready reports, and review and approve those reports.  Available in Opal Clinical only.

Classified Variant Database

The Classified Variant Database allows all workspace users to browse the variants that have been classified or are in the scoring process in the workspace.

Panel Builder

Curate and manage gene panels.  Available in Opal Clinical only.


Takes you to the Projects page where you can organize your genomes into projects and view the reports generated by the Opal annotation engine and analytic Apps. This link will open the Projects page with a list of all your projects in the current workspace.

Condition Gene Associations

Link genes to specific conditions, and capture information such as mode of inheritance and penetrance.  Available in Opal Clinical only.

Filtering Protocols

Define and manage filters for standardizing the analysis of genome variants.

Assay Types

Set up Assay Types to manage quality control metrics for clinical testing.  Available in Opal Clinical only.

Gene Sets

Create and manage gene lists.


Your current workspace is shown in the navigation bar.  The workspace dropdown menu allows you to manage your Workspaces or switch to a different workspace. 
Admin Settings
This option is available only if you have admin permission for the current workspace.  It opens the Admin Settings page.
Switch Workspace
Switch Workspace is followed by a list of all workspace you have access to. To switch to another workspace select the desired workspace from the list.
Manage Workspaces
The Workspaces list view is displayed with a list of all workspaces you have access to providing more information and options for each workspace.
Create New Workspace
Opens the New Workspace page to set up an additional workspace.
Important: Once a new workspace is created it cannot be deleted.
Your Email Address
Click on this link to change your password, change your default workspace, or view your license agreement.
Click on this link to open the Help Center to access the User Guide, Quick Start Tutorials, and other resources.
Sign Out
Click on this link to exit the application.

Below the Toolbar, the path of the current page is displayed indicating the Workspace Name, module, Project Name and/or current page. Click the hyperlinks to navigate directly to the respective pages.






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