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The Share Project dialog box allows you to add or remove users and change a user's Project Role. You must be a Contributor to the project or a Workspace Admin to be able share the project.


You can reach the Share Project dialog box from:
-  Projects List View  >>  Actions menu  >>  Share Project
-  Projects Genomes View  >>  Actions menu  >>  Share Project



Clicking the X next to a user's name removes the user from this list. Each project must have at least one Contributor, so you cannot remove all Contributors.
User names of workspace users who currently are Contributors or Viewers of the projects. 
Note: Workspace Admins have access to all projects regardless whether they are Contributors of Viewers of the projects, but are listed here only if the project was explicitly shared with them as a Contributor or Viewer.
Project Role 
The highlighted role shows the user's current Project Role. To change click on the desired role for that user. See Project Roles for the capabilities of each Role.
Add a new user to the list by selecting the user from the Select a user dropdown menu and click Share. Only users currently in the workspace but not on the project are displayed in the dropdown.
Save Changes
Click Save Changes to save any changes made. Changes are not effective until they are saved.
Note: Closing the dialog box without saving changes will cancel all changes.  No additional warning is given.
Cancels any changes made.



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