New Panel Report

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The New Panel Report page launches a new test and clinical report with a gene panel. This test is used for targeted tests on a single sample. To launch a Panel test a Panel, a Project and either a Genome or a Patient Accession ID must be provided.

To run a Panel test for 2 or more family members use the Flexible Family test. 


You can reach the New Panel Report page from:
-  Clinical Reports  >>  New Report  button  >>  Panel option


Enter Patient Accession ID
Providing an external identifier for the sample to link the genome to a patient in your LIS system is optional if a Genome is selected to launch the test.
Choose Assay Type
This dropdown menu allows you to specify an Assay Type defined in the Assay Type module. Selecting an Assay Type is not required to launch but allows you to enter Quality Control data for the test. 
Include COSMIC Evidence
For cancer samples click the checkbox to include COSMIC evidence into the test.
Choose Panel
This dropdown menu contains all workspace panels defined the Panel Builder. Specifying a Panel is required to launch the test. Only variants within the panel genes are included in the test.
Choose Filter
Selecting a Filter will pre-filter the variants when the test launches. Filters are defined in the Filtering Protocols module. Only variants that pass the applied filter are included in the test.
Choose Project
Select the Project containing the genome you want to test. Once the project is selected the Genome selection will be displayed.
All samples in the chosen Project that have a completed Variant Report are listed here. You can launch the test without selecting a genome if an identifying ID is provided in the Enter Patient Accession ID field.
Click Save to launch this test/report.
Click Cancel to cancel this test/report.



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