Fabric Enterprise 6.13 - Release Notes

Jeanette McCarthy -

On Monday October 25, 2021, Fabric Genomics released a minor update to Fabric Enterprise. The webapp was updated from v6.11 to 6.13, customer-facing API remains at  v1.2.6, GEM pipeline version changed from to (with no updates), the secondary pipeline was updated from 2.1.9 to 2.2.0 and the annotations pipeline was updated from 6.6.8 to 6.6.9.

This release brings updates to Fabric’s secondary analysis, some important usability features and addresses several bugs. 

We have also deployed the Spark pipeline, which is available on a workspace by workspace basis.

A summary of key changes to each component are listed below:


Fabric Enterprise Web App & API Updates

Web App version 6.13, API version 1.2.6

Fabric secondary analysis:

  • Access to QC plots for SVs
  • Dragen calling for WGS
  • At the time of job submission or completion of Fabric Secondary analysis, users can include a VCF file with additional variants to be merged to the secondary output. When the job is complete, the URL of the additional VCF will be sent to Fabric API.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Case-levels notes available in a Clinical Case
  • Ability to reorder SVs in a findings section

Annotation Pipeline changes

Pipeline version 6.6.9

  • No new features were added

New Spark Pipeline version (Alpha release)

  • Currently vailable on a workspace by workspace basis to selected users

Third-party tool Installations (GRCh37 and GRCh38)

  • No third party tools were installed or updated.

Data Source Updates (GRCh37)

  • No updates

Data Source Updates (GRCh38)

  • No updates 

Bug fixes:

  • None

Known issues:

  • None

Secondary Pipeline

  • No updates
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